Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Youth Events For Girls... And The Roadman's Pursuit.

After a flurry of female entries into the Youth events, we can now announce an exclusive, girls only event. There are already a series of 'Roadman's Pursuit' events for the top tier (The Rob Jefferies Memorial) the support events (The Eddie Beck Memorial) and the youth As and Bs.

These involve the top six finishers in the warm up races starting at six equidistant points around the track. On the gun the riders have to go from a standing start and either eliminate the riders ahead of them by catching them, or avoid being eliminated by not being caught. The winner is either the only rider left over the course of  16 laps for seniors and juniors or 8 laps for youths, or the rider with the best time over the full distance.

As mentioned, to qualify for this event you are required to finish in the top 6 of the warm up race and, as mentioned, for youths this will involve separate events for youth a's, youth bs and the top six youth girls of either category.

You can enter here but hurry, only two weeks left:


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