Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Five Days Left To Enter The Rob Jefferies Memorial Meet

There are now FIVE DAYS left to enter the Rob Jefferies Memorial Meet.

 That's five days left to enter the feature event with it's £200 prize fund, we have £100 available for the Alan Spencer Devil-Take-The-Hindmost as well £300 in prize funds for the support races with their own range of prizes to win.

We have races for the elite, national level boys, races for club level boys and girls as well as boys and girls races for youth a's and b's.

We have scratch races, we have roadman's pursuits, we have devils, we have a big finale points race for each tier of racing, each of which will be offering primes on all the sprint laps.

Event details here:

Enter HERE:

E/1/2/3/4 for the feature event, 3/4 for the support events and U16/U14 for the youths.

The weather's gonna be fantastic. See you there.

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