Monday, 1 July 2013

The Eddie Beck Memorial

As well as the elite level Rob Jefferies Memorial event, there is the Eddie Beck Memorial series of events. Named after another popular member of the South's friendliest club, the Eddie Beck Memorial comprises of a series of events identical to the 'elite' series of events but aimed toward the club rider.

Consisting of a 20 lap warm up race, a roadman's pursuit for the lucky first six of the warm up, a devil and a 40 lap points race, the events do not count towards and national hard track league points. However, they do all have prizes and the points race - like the headline event - also carries a prime for each of the sprint laps. So that's every fifth of the 40 laps, making a total of eight prizes up for grabs.

This event was dreamt up precisely as an event for riders of local track leagues to target. If you can handle yourself in your local 'b' league, wherever that may be, then put your name down, have a go and see if you can win some cash.

Enter here:'ll be wanting to click on 'Eddie Beck Memorial', obviously. Pay a very reasonable £15 and if you ride it right, you could have made that back within the first half hour.

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