Friday, 15 March 2013

The Rob Jeff Mem

Hello everybody. This is the website for the Rob Jefferies Memorial, that will be happening at the Bournemouth Cycling Center on July 28th. Updates and news on the event will be appearing here.

The feature race to this event is The Rob Jefferies Memorial Fistful of Tenners 25km Dash For Cash. This is a 100 lap, 25km points race, with points and primes every 10 laps. Finishers in this race will be elidgible for points in the National Hard Track Endurance League.

As well as this is the Allan Spencer Devil, which has a prize fund of £100, as well as a 10 lap warm up race, from which the first 6 finishers will go through to a roadman's pursuit.

There is another series of events for 3rd cat and below riders, with the 10km, 25 lap Eddie Beck Memorial Race as it's main feature - also a points race and also with points and primes every 5 laps. Similary, this program has a devil, 10 lap warm up and 6-up roadman's pursuit. This series of races is meant for "lower catergory" riders, as well as riders in their first season of competition. Seeding for both races is at the organiser's discretion and, please note,  experienced and accredited riders only please! We WILL be checking.

Further to this, there will be races for Youth A & B riders, as soon as we've sorted those out. Stay tuned.

Any further questions, please email me at

Event details and entry are here:

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