Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Alan Spencer Devil

As well as the headliner Rob Jefferies Memorial Fistful Of Tenners 25km Dash For Cash, we have several support races. There is a 20 lap warm up race, for which the first 6 riders go through to a 6-up 4 km roadman's pursuit.

Then there will be the Allan Spencer Devil Take The Hindmost in honour of Allan Spencer, another late member of the Poole Wheelers. A confirmed trackie and regular at the old track at Poole Park, Ros Spencer and her family thought this a fitting tribute and have put up a £100 prize fund solely for this race.

For anyone who doesn't already know, in a devil (also known as an elimination race), every 2 laps, the last rider across the line is eliminated until there is one single rider remaining. As anyone who was watching Laura Trott in the Olympics knows, it is one of the most exciting track races, a real test of both speed and race craft, as well as a fine addition to the program.

Entries for the race can be made on the British Cycling website here:


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