Friday, 1 February 2013


The Rob Jefferies Memorial Meet is proud to announce that the event will be raising funds and awareness for the charity RoadPeace is a charity helping and fighting for the families of victims of road traffic fatalities.

In their own words:

"RoadPeace’s vision is for a world in which:
  • road deaths and injuries are no longer treated by the economy as acceptable, by the judicial system as trivial and by society as accidents;
  • road crash victims are no longer treated as third class victims, but as people who have undergone a terrible trauma and who therefore need justice, respect for their rights, care, support and acknowledgement of their loss and suffering;
  • road danger and the risk of road use will have been reduced to that of other everyday activities, with concurrently improved services and criminal and civil justice for the greatly reduced number of road crash victims."

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