Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Rob Jefferies Memorial Revised Provisional Event List

'b' Riders (Eddie Beck Memorial riders) w/up race 20 laps
'a' riders (Rob Jeff Mem) w/up 20 laps
youth w/up 10 laps
top 6 in each go through to...
'b' riders roadman's pursuit 16 laps
'a' riders roadman's pursuit 16 laps
youth a roadman's pursuit 4 laps
youth b roadman's pursuit 4 laps
invitational pursuit Poole Wh vs Brixton Cycles
youth a/b devil
'b' riders devil
The Allan Spencer Devil for 'a' riders

The Rob Jefferies Mini-Memorial 20 laps. Sprints/primes every 4 laps.

The Eddie Beck Memorial Race. 40 laps, sprint/prime every 5 laps.

The Rob Jefferies Memorial Race. 100 laps, sprint/prime every 10 laps.
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