Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Event Details

Hello. Welcome to the event website for the Rob Jefferies Memorial Meet.

Here are some more of the details:

Date: Sunday July 20th, racing starts at 1pm.

Entry: HERE

There are 4 categories:

3/4s... This is the support series of events, based around the Eddie Beck Memorial and geared towards new riders to the sport. If you are in your first couple of years racing track, or indeed are a regular at your local track's 'b' league then this is the event for you. The Eddie Beck Memorial is a 40 lap points race, with primes for the sprint laps every 5 laps. You will also ride a 20 lap warm up scratch race,a 6 lap dash and a devil (elimination).

E/1/2/3... This is the main series of events, based around the Rob Jefferies Memorial Race, a 100 lap (25km) points race with primes for each of the sprint laps every 10 laps. This race has a £200 prize fund. There is also the Alan Spencer Devil, which has a prize fund of £100, a winner takes all 6 lap dash and a 20 lap warm up. The Rob Jefferies Memorial Race counts towards the National Hardtrack Endurance League (https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/?series_id=5).

U16/U14... As above, riders race a 20 lap points race, a 15 lap warm up, a 6 lap dash and an elimination. Races will be run with seperate boys and girls categories, on the assumption that enough boys and girls enter to make this worth while (so GET ENTERING!). As in other categories, there will be prize money and primes for all events.

Women... Once again, a warm up race, a 6 lap dash, a devil and a points race, open to senior women of all categories.

Any further enquiries, I'm Gordon Skillen and you can get in touch with me at ggrs@sky.com or on 01202 841 049

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